Assume Form

Formato: 2xLP Gatefold Cover

Editora: Polydor

Cat No: 0602577441899

Data: 10.05.2019

Género: Electronic


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A1. Assume Form 4:49
A2. Mile High 3:13
A3. Tell Them 3:28
B1. Into The Red 4:17
B2. Barefoot In The Park 3:31
B3. Can’t Believe The Way We Flow 4:27
C1. Are You In Love? 3:17
C2. Where’s The Catch? 4:36
C3. I’ll Come Too 3:42
D1. Power On 4:06
D2. Don’t Miss It 4:59
D3. Mullholand
D4. Lullaby For My Insomniac 3:43

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