James Blake

Formato: 2xLP Gatefold Cover

Editora: Atlas


Data: 07.02.2011

Género: Electronic


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A1. Tep And The Logic 2:42
A2. Unluck 3:00
A3. The Wilhelm Scream 4:37
B1. I Never Learnt To Share 4:51
B2. Lindisfarne I 2:42
B3. Lindisfarne II 3:01
C1. Limit To Your Love 4:36
C2. Give Me My Month 1:56
C3. To Care (Like You) 3:52
D1. Why Don’t You Call Me 1:35
D2. I Mind 3:31
D3. Measurements 4:19
D4. You Know Your Youth 2:20

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