Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition)

Formato: LP+7″ Remastered from the original analog tapes
Editora: DGC
Cat No: 0720642442517
Data: 12.11.2021

Artista: Género:


01. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Side A)
02. In Bloom (Side A)
03. Come As You Are (Side A)
04. Breed (Side A)
05. Lithium (Side A)
06. Polly (Side A)
07. Territorial Pissings (Side B)
08. Drain You (Side B)
09. Lounge Act (Side B)
10. Stay Away (Side B)
11. On A Plain (Side B)
12. Something In The Way (Side B)

01. Endless, Nameless (Side A)
02. Even In His Youth (Side B)
03. Aneurysm (Side B)”